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Aerial Forest



Defensible space is essential to increase your home’s survival rate during a wildfire. It is the space created between a structure on the property and the flammable plants and trees, or any land surrounding it. This space is needed to slow or stop the escalation of wildfire and to protect your home from catching fire. With defensible space, firefighters will have the upper hand when defending your home against a fire.  Our services that create a defensible space around your home or structure include, leaving only a small amount of flammable vegetation within 30 feet by removing the yearly accumulation of this flammable debris. We also thin thick shrubs and trees to create a separation between them, and prevent ladder fuels by removing the lower limbs and brush at the base of trees.


Fuel reduction is key to mitigating the on-going risks associated with seasonal fire events, this is achieved thru brush clearing and mastication.  Brush clearing rids a property of flammable vegetation. On flat or gently sloped properties that are more than 30 feet from a home or structure, the brush should be separated from each other by at least twice the height of the brush, even further a part for homes with steeper properties. Mastication is an efficient way of grinding up vegetation, brush and trees into small materials that can be absorbed back into nutrients for the soil.  New age tools and equipment allow us to move faster at a cheaper cost to attack the overgrown vegetation. Let us help create usable property that has become overgrown or unkempt.


Just like us trees are living and growing things that need help. Throughout the life of a tree we can provide help by pruning away dead branch's to create room for new growth. Tree removal is often times the best solution to promote the health of already mature trees. Removing of trees helps all surrounding trees get more water and sunlight. Some common problems we have seen drastically in the Sierra Nevada mountain range include, Crowding and fighting for sunlight. This makes the trees more susceptible and vulnerable to disease.  

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